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By Chelsea Nallenweg 

Pleasant Park in Apex is one of the newest and unique parks in the Triangle! This 92 acre park opened in the fall of 2023 and has so many activities to offer for everyone. The “enchanted forest” playground is surely one of a kind! Designed with inclusivity in mind, this dreamy, colorful, 1.5 acre playground encompasses nine different “play villages”, each tailored to accommodate individuals of all ages and abilities. Play equipment such as a wheelchair accessible play carousel and ramps throughout the playground make this playground great for kids of all abilities. 

There are many different types of climbing structures here, including a giant 35 foot tall slide! Kids can access the slide by climbing a tall rope structure.…

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Somehow a drink enjoyed in the warmth of a comfy coffee shop just tastes better.  Combine that with a small business who’s focused on supporting the community and creating welcoming spaces for friends to gather, and you’ve got NoRa Cafe!  As you head East on Strickland Road, this favorite spot will be a sneaky right turn just after you pass Ray Road.  It’s easy to miss, but you won’t want to!  The quaint North Raleigh cafe serves up an impressive variety of specialty lattes, espresso drinks and teas by day, and transitions into a cozy wine bar by evening. 


Coffee lovers can choose from a classic drip coffee (if you plan to stay and sip, be sure to ask for “NoRa’s Community Cup” for bottomless refills!), or an elevated, interesting latte like the…

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In the heart of Raleigh, North Carolina, a once-bustling industrial hub has been reborn. Raleigh Iron Works, a name echoing its history, has become a dynamic mixed-use development breathing new life into the city's past.

Front of Raleigh Iron Works

Where towering smokestacks once pierced the sky, now stand repurposed brick buildings teeming with shops, restaurants, offices, and even apartments. The Forge at Raleigh Iron Works, with its sleek modern facade, offers upscale living amidst the echoes of history. Restaurants like East Cuts and Brodeto tempt taste buds with diverse flavors, while breweries like Ponysaurus quench thirsts and foster community.

But Raleigh Iron Works is more than just a trendy hangout. It's a testament to the city's commitment to sustainable…

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Discover the Goodness

If you're on the lookout for a spot that serves up mouthwatering deli sandwiches and chicken delights without the fuss, East Cut Sandwich Bar at Raleigh Iron Works is your go-to joint. From classic deli goodness to scrumptious chicken creations, the menu is a treat for your taste buds.

East Cut Sandwich Bar at Raleigh Iron Works

Chill Atmosphere, Warm Vibes

The atmosphere strikes the perfect balance between laid-back and lively. It's the kind of place where you can unwind, chat with friends, and savor every bite without any pretentiousness. Good food, good friends, and good vibes – that's the East Cut experience.

Raleigh's New Hub

East Cut Sandwich Bar isn't just any sandwich spot; it's right in the heart of Raleigh Iron Works, one of the newest…

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