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By: Emma Belk

Tru Deli: Is that love in the air? Or is it sandwiches? 

I’m not saying sparks always fly at restaurants, but if they were to it would most likely be here. I think Tru Deli has one of the most romantic vibes in Chapel Hill, and I would recommend it to anyone looking for a first-date spot. That being said, romantic dates are hard to come by and sometimes the most valuable date is time we share with our friends and family. That may be cheesy but so are sandwiches. Moral of the story, Tru Deli is a lovely place to wine and dine. 


The Atmosphere

Tru has the perfect set-up for casual chatting over dinner and drinks. The main reason I’ve deemed it most romantic is because of its lighting ambiance and seating options. The…

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By: Chelsea Nallenweg

Knightdale Station Park is a 71-acre park located in the town of Knightdale, which is just 20 minutes east of Raleigh. The town is named after Henry Haywood Knight, a local Wake County landowner who donated land to found a railroad depot. The park land, which used to be a farm and nursery, now stands as a beautiful community park with so much to offer for everyone!


The park does a great job making the town’s history a theme! The playground is farm and train themed because of Knightdale’s agriculture and railroad history. The big kid play area has a climbing structure that looks like a giant barn with multiple slides. The little kid area has small imaginative play structures like a play truck with a slide and farm…

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By: Madeline Cook


Transfer Co. Food Hall

Can’t decide between a bowl of authentic ramen, a top-quality burger, a flaky empanada or an award-winning burrito?  At Transfer Co. Food Hall, you don’t have to!  Over 10 vendors, each boasting their own menu of unique, made-to-order dishes, operate out of the historic brick building at 500 E. Davie St. in Raleigh. 



Though the 4,300 square foot building that once housed the historic Carolina Coach garage and shop has been “modernized” with string lights and yellow umbrellas on the patio, and tasteful artist graffiti on the interior, a few steps through the doors will have you soon asking, what did this place used to be?  The history of the building we now know as Transfer Co. Food…

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 By: Madeline Cook


Craft cocktails, colorful cuisine and fantastic views of downtown Raleigh… you must be at Wye Hill Brewing! This special restaurant sits atop the hill marked by the intersection of Boylan Avenue and Hargett Street, and serves up a wonderful menu in a charming ambience.  Its founders, Chris and Sara, started Wye Hill in Spring of 2019 with a mission to create space for human connection through warm hospitality and great beer.


One of the brewery’s biggest draws is its sprawling view of downtown Raleigh.  To take it in, ask to sit on the covered patio under twinkling string lights. When it’s chilly outside, trade that view for a cozy table inside where oversized artwork adorns the walls and you have a front row seat…

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By: Emma Belk

Top of the Hill: A Game Day Classic

If you’re ranking famous restaurants in Chapel Hill, Top of the Hill is probably #1. Top of the Hill, or TOPO (pronounced “Top-Oh”) has been a UNC staple restaurant since it opened in 1996. I, like many of their customers, chose to visit TOPO on gameday- a UNC basketball gameday. The atmosphere was full of excited fans, students and adults alike, whose hunger could only be satisfied by two things: the Top Burger and a Dean Dome win. 


The Atmosphere

The location and set-up of TOPO is probably what makes it so unique. You enter the restaurant right on the corner of Franklin and Columbia Street and either take the elevator or stairs up to the top floor. As seen in the name, when you eat at…

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By Chelsea Nallenweg


Pullen Park is a historic 66 acre gem located in the heart of Raleigh, North Carolina and is the first public park in the state! Pullen Park is ranked as the 5th oldest operating amusement park in the United States and the 16th oldest in the world. This historic park offers a variety of fun activities for visitors of all ages.

There are two playgrounds to cater to kids of all ages. The playground designated for ages 5-12 has multiple different climbing structures and slides, providing endless opportunities for exploration and adventure. The playground tailored for ages 2-5 features smaller slides and swings, along with a giant sand pit area with diggers. The Pullen Park Caboose is an authentic train car from the Norfolk…

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By : Cindi Honeycutt

Welcome To Namu!

Come embark on a true adventure at Namu, a hidden gem in Durham NC, that promises to transport you to the heart of Seoul! In this blog post, we'll explore the enchanting atmosphere, delectable dishes, and the overall unique dining experience that awaits you at Namu.

 Step into Namu, and you'll find yourself immersed in an extraordinary atmosphere that feels like a journey to another country. The outdoor patio, surrounded by the vibrant energy of Durham, creates a unique ambiance that complements the culinary delights that await inside. Namu's commitment to creating an immersive experience sets the stage for a memorable dining experience.

At the heart of Namu's menu lies its specialty – the Bulgogi.…

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Barwell Road Park, located in southeast Raleigh, is an awesome sports playground that opened in 2021 and is the first of its kind in the area. What makes this playground stand out is the Panther Play 60 Challenge course that challenges kids to run, crawl, jump, and climb through the NFL themed obstacle course.The Carolina Panthers presented a $150,000 check to the Raleigh City Council to build this Panthers Play 60 course, which is part of an NFL initiative to encourage kids to get at least an hour of physical activity each day. It also provides kids ages 13 and up, who have aged out of traditional play equipment, a place to play. Kids can use the timer to see how fast they can go through the course. Challenges include ninja steps, a traverse wall, half…

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 By: Emma Belk


Guglhupf Bakery & Restaurant Has it All 

This restaurant made me rethink everything I’ve ever known about overnight oats. Let me explain. After walking into their outside order and seating area on a beautiful Thursday afternoon, lunch was on my mind, so even I was confused after I made the gametime decision of ordering overnight oats. It’s such a breakfast choice, but I was drawn to it for some reason. 


I’ve never been one to think overnight oats were the holy grail of breakfast, but honestly, my experience at Guglhupf was life-changing. They served me the best overnight oats I’d ever had. I ate it all in under 5 minutes. It was delicious, and I really can’t wait to go back and try more of their food. They had so much…

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By: Madeline Cook

Until recently, I assumed the dining experience that I’d grown to love after spending 10 years in the Southwest – colorful art, homemade salsa and sizzling fajitas – was a distant memory.  Tasty Mexican food can feel like an exception, not the rule when you live almost 1500 miles away from our southern neighbor!

The happy reality is that if you call the Triangle “home”, great Mexican food is just through the doors of your nearby Torero’s Mexican Restaurant!  This local favorite has been serving the area for over 20 years, offering an impressive menu of festive drinks, enchiladas, burritos and so much more at wallet-friendly prices. 


 Torero’s puts as much thought into the presentation of their plates as they do…

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