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By: Emma Belk


Momo’s Master: Nepali Himalayan Bistro 

You wouldn’t think you’d be able to find authentic Himalayan food in the RDU area, but Momo’s Master is just that. In the kitchen, Chef Ramesh Dahal is cooking up his expertly crafted momo-based menu with side dishes and desserts that he curated from 25+ years of experience. The Himalayan food that he serves is most popular in Tibet and Nepal, where Dahal was born and raised. Momo’s is the first restaurant where I’ve been able to try Himalayan food and after my experience, I’m hoping it won’t be my last. 


What’s a Momo? 

You may be wondering: What is a momo? I definitely wasn’t all that familiar with traditional Himalayan foods before visiting Momo’s Master and found myself asking…

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 By Madeline Cook


Bonafide Bakeshop & Cafe 


This one’s for our gluten-free and vegan foodie friends!  Except that we couldn’t believe the melt in your mouth cinnamon roll we tried didn’t have dairy in it… so actually, this one’s for anyone with a hankering for a sweet treat!  Bonafide Bakeshop & Cafe in Apex has got you covered. 


This cafe oozes with personality with its botanical decor, live plants and bustling crowd.  A quiet study bench towards the back offers a perfect spot for students and remote workers to get a change of scenery without taking a front seat to the cheerful chatter in the main seating area.  Closer to the entrance, a collection of plush leather seating feels as cozy as having coffee with a friend in your…

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By: Chelsea Nallenweg

Ed Yerha Park- Cary, NC


Ed Yerha Park in Cary, North Carolina is a delightful park just a few miles from Bond Park. This charming and colorful playground is perfect for toddlers! There is a large sandbox, multiple toddler climbing structures, and slides. There are many unique play features like the stepping stones for practicing balance and a ropes area that is designed for younger kids to practice climbing since it’s low to the ground. The soft rubber floor also makes this an ideal playground for toddlers. The playground itself is pretty small but has plenty to offer for young kids!

Ed Yerha park is also one of the most popular places to play pickleball in Cary with three, full sized, free-to-use…

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By: Emma Belk


Boxyard at RTP


Boxyard is more of an experience than a restaurant. Boxyard consists of a pavilion with a unique year round dining and shopping experience. There’s always something going on. This means you can go for a good bite to eat, or see someone perform outside (I’ve seen fire jugglers before). 




Boxyard is a pavilion in Durham, surrounded by numerous shipping containers. Each shipping container is filled with different local small businesses. It’s in the middle of Research Triangle Park, making it the go-to lunch spot for many startups that work in the offices nearby. Some of the shipping containers are shops and some are restaurants. 


The shops include: Guildhall Games, a specialty…

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By Madeline Cook


Players Retreat

A long row of red umbrellas lines Oberlin Road at the intersection of Hillsborough Street just outside the NC State University in Raleigh.  They act as a warm welcome to Players Retreat – a bar and restaurant that loyal patrons and Wolfpack fans have enjoyed for over 70 years!  With charming evidence of being well-loved over time, Players Retreat (coined “PR” by locals) appeals to a modern crowd thanks to its expansive dog-friendly patio, large selection of beer, wine and whiskeys, and homey neighborhood feel.  


Take a seat in the bar and watch the game on more than 15 TVs which hang over an impressive collection of single malt scotch whiskey (largest in the state!)  Or, with warmer spring…

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By Chelsea Nallenweg

Lazy Daze Park- Cary, NC

Lazy Daze Playground is another brand new playground in Cary that opened in January, and it is located within the scenic Bond Park. Inspired by the woodlands that surround it, this playground offers a mix of natural elements and modern play structures, catering to all ages.

At the heart of the playground stands a tall, wooden, climbing structure with a tunnel slide for big kids. Kids definitely have to be experienced in climbing to get to the top! Surrounding the central structure are wooden logs for lower climbing practice, along with a smaller tunnel slide. There is a quaint playhouse slide with a small climbing structure for little ones. The playground also has a  merry-go-round spinner,…

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Cham Thai 

If you’re looking for authentic Thai food in the RDU-area, look no further. Cham Thai is available right in your backyard (Carrboro). Consider going during a holiday (I’ll explain later). 


The Atmosphere 

You have the choice of sitting inside the restaurant or outside overlooking the corner of Carrboro’s East Main Street. My friend and I chose to sit inside and I will say, it was decorated. Since it was nearing the end of February, there were Valentine’s Day streamers hanging up and I was impressed by the festivity. You guys will have to let me know what they have in store for the other months. 


Their walls were also covered in art and various picture frames. Overall, the inside was well lit by the sunlight coming…

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By Madeline Cook


La Cucina Italiana 


We may have found a winner for the coziest Italian comfort food in the Triangle!  If you’re looking for perfect al-dente pasta, hand-stretched pizza, and yeasty garlic bread, La Cucina Italiana is a must try.  The kitchens stay busy at both the Morrisville, and the newly opened Raleigh location (just 1 month old!), as everything on the menu is made from scratch - even the noodles! 

 We love the unpretentious, yet totally inviting atmosphere in La Cucina Italiana.  Think friendly service, delicious smells, and Frank Sinatra ballads playing over the speakers.  Both locations offer a convenient counter-order option if you’re on the go.  Or, check out the Raleigh location for a relaxed sit down…

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By Chelsea Nallenweg


Holding Park- Wake Forest, NC


Holding Park in Wake Forest, about 30 minutes north of Raleigh, unveiled its newest gem on March 2—a state-of-the-art, $1.5 million playground designed with inclusivity in mind. Made possible through a federal grant from the American Rescue Plan Act, this playground caters to children of all ages and abilities, addressing the town's need for greater inclusivity highlighted during the COVID-19 pandemic. 


The 11,000 square ft playground is fully ramped for easy accessibility for people of all mobility ranges. It offers sensory experiences such as play panels and musical equipment. There is an accessible interactive game piece, called MOVMNT, where kids can choose different light…

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By Madeline Cook


Perkins Orchard

For over 54 years, Perkins Orchard has provided a harvest of beautiful produce to its Durham neighbors and beyond.  The outdoor market that guests enjoy today, with shelves stacked high of vibrant, super-fresh veggies and fruits from over 300 farmers, began as a family-owned road-side stand in 1970.  By 2012, the founder’s grandson, Donovan Watson, relocated the stand to the backyard, expanded the business, and can be found on site welcoming guests and running operations to this day! 

 What makes Perkins Orchard so inviting?  Many things, but for starters, a typical farmer’s market can feel daunting with lots of choices and ambiguous pricing.   Donovan works hard to make sure his visitors enjoy their…

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