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By Madeline Cook

Jaguar Bolera

Have you heard about this vibrant, sprawling venue in Raleigh where guests enjoy fabulous food, limitless entertainment, and over a dozen varieties of beverages on tap!?  Today we’re talking about the brand new, 50,000 square foot restaurant and event space which proudly blends Southern hospitality with the flavors and beauty of Mexico.  This unique fusion is just as incredible as it sounds, with bursts of eclectic Southern style interplaying with latin influence scattered throughout the artwork, wallpaper and cuisine (brought to you by none other than season 21 Top Chef contestant Manny Barella).  You simply must visit to fully grasp this special experience, coined “Southern Hospitalidad”.



We were…

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By Chelsea Nallenweg

Kids Together Playground-  Cary, NC

This is the perfect park for summer with lots of shade, spray misters, and accessibility for everyone! Located within the serene landscapes of Marla Dorrel Park in Cary, North Carolina, the Kids Together Playground is a great example of accessible and inclusive outdoor play. This beautiful playground surrounded by nature is a testament to the collaborative efforts of Kids Together, Inc. and the town of Cary. Established in 1995, Kids Together, Inc. is an all-volunteer, non-profit organization dedicated to raising funds and providing ongoing support to maintain and enhance this inclusive space for kids of all abilities. 

The Kids Together Playground is designed with accessibility at its…

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 By Madeline Cook


Lynnwood Grill & Brewery Concern

There’s nothing quite like the atmosphere of a classic neighborhood bar and grill.  Maybe it’s the ease of a come-as-you-are mentality, or the joy of spending an afternoon in a familiar setting with friends.  For some, it’s the excitement of watching the game alongside other fans.  And for those who find themselves in the Grove Barton area, near Lynn Road and Glenwood Avenue, Lynnwood Grill and Brewery Concern (LBC) delivers all of this and more.  That’s right!  This grill AND brewery in the heart of Northwest Raleigh serves up great vibes and hoppy brews crafted right there in the back of the restaurant. 



It's not just the fantastic food and drink that make Lynnwood a local…

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By Chelsea Nallenweg 


Over The Moon Play Space

Step into a universe of imagination at Over The Moon Play Space, where children from crawlers to age 10 can have stellar adventures in a space themed indoor playground! This unique indoor place space is located in Cary.

Their custom-designed rocket ship play slide lets young astronauts dress up and climb to the very top lookout to see stars. The low ropes challenge course is the perfect place for kids to practice climbing and balance. The 24-ft wide rock wall is another great practice for young climbers. They also offer many STEM toys and building activities to foster creativity and problem-solving skills.

Parents with babies and toddlers can relax in the dedicated baby area,…

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By Chelsea Nallenweg

Juniper Level Botanic Garden

Located just 20 minutes south of downtown Raleigh lies a botanical hidden gem waiting to be discovered by plant enthusiasts, nature lovers and explorers! Juniper Level Botanic Garden, one of the largest and most diverse plant collections globally, is a unique place for visitors to immerse themselves in the beauty and diversity of the botanical world. With over 27,000 taxa of plants, Juniper Level Botanic Garden is the perfect place to visit for both adults and kids. 


Spread across eight acres of meticulously curated public display gardens, visitors can explore the grounds for hours. A tranquil pond, babbling creeks, 30 greenhouses, and a majestic waterfall are just some of the beautiful…

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By: Emma Belk


Al’s Burger Shack: Good is Good Y’all 

Where you can go to get the best burger in Chapel Hill is a debate that I’m sure has caused some arguments in the past. Many restaurants put up a mean fight: Four Corners, and Top of the Hill, to name a few. Even so, I feel comfortable defending my choice: Al’s Burger Shack. I’ve never had a burger at Al’s that I didn’t love. It’s also a fan favorite with my Dad as it’s always his first choice to eat when he is in town. 




Al’s Burger Shack is located down Franklin Street right before the start of Carrboro. The “Shack” part of the name only lives up to the restaurant when it comes to its inside space. The building is nice but most customers choose to eat outside on…

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By: Madeline Cook


Casa Carbone

On a rainy evening this spring we found ourselves craving pizza, and made the wonderful discovery that is Casa Carbone off of Glenwood Avenue in North Raleigh.  Those who’ve called this area home for longer than we have may be familiar with this family-owned Italian restaurant that’s delighted diners since 1984.  However, the Carbone family history of sharing their love of cooking with the city of Raleigh dates back to 1958 when they opened Villa Capri in the Ridgewood Shopping Center.  Casa Carbone carries on this tradition, serving the flavors of Italy with hundreds of five star reviews.  After enjoying a meal there, we’d give it 10 starts if we could! 


Lovely wooden doors set this restaurant…

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By Madeline Cook


Mezcalito Grill

As warmer weather approaches, get ready to enjoy a vibrant meal with festive flair at Mezcalito Grill!  Boasting traditional and modern options to satisfy every guest’s palette, each flavorful dish holds true to its Mexican heritage.  And with six locations across North Carolina, odds are you don’t live far from the fiesta!



At the Apex location, a ceiling of orange flowers above the hostess stand offers a nudge to trade your frets for fajitas and your troubles for tacos.  The trendy indoor dining area is only outpaced by the string-lit patio on a temperate evening.  Wherever you sit, prepare to quickly welcome a warm basket of fresh tortilla chips and zesty salsa while you peruse a beverage menu…

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By: Emma Belk


Carolina Coffee Shop: 1922

Recently, I was at a UNC baseball game and a trivia question came up asking, “What is the oldest restaurant on Franklin Street?” To my surprise, the answer was Carolina Coffee Shop. Carolina Coffee Shop has been serving the town of Chapel Hill since 1922, over 100 years! Anyone who is familiar with the Chapel Hill area knows how quickly restaurants on Franklin come and go. So, staying around for that long is a big deal, and makes Carolina Coffee Shop a must-eat restaurant. 




My favorite time of day to eat at Carolina Coffee Shop is always for brunch. They have an extensive brunch menu and I like to try something new every time. They serve traditional North Carolina brunch…

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By Madeline Cook


Tupelo Honey Cafe 

Craving comfort with predictably satisfying meals and welcoming ambience?  Look no further than Tupelo Honey cafe on 425 Oberlin Road in Raleigh. This Southern kitchen is as charming inside as it is outside with its glass front corner entrance and honeybee-inspired décor.  Prepare to enjoy a meal served on cast iron and blue china plates, with fresh cocktails and mocktails served out of punny glasses! 



The roots of Tupelo Honey cafe run much deeper than the endearing restaurant we enjoy today.  While the cafe now proudly operates in over 14 states, you may not know that the very first location was founded in Asheville.  For over 20 years, a deliberate focus has remained on scratch…

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