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By Madeline Cook

South Line Brewing

We are all for a laid-back, family friendly atmosphere with good bites and great brews!  And if our dogs are welcome to join in the fun… even better!  With this in mind, we set out to find somewhere to spend a summer afternoon a couple weekends ago, and every expectation was met (and then exceeded) at South Line Brewing in Cary! 

Located directly across from Vicious Fishes, South Line Brewing features unique beers and ciders inspired by the flavors of the season.  Visiting in Summertime means notes of sweet blueberry, tart peach, sour cherry and ripe raspberry, all crafted in-house in an inviting ambience.  Simply place your order at the long bar counter inside the facility, and (Summer heat-dependent) take…

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By Madeline Cook

Dames Chicken and Waffles

When I first moved to The South after many years of enjoying all the Mexican food Arizona had to offer, the notion of a few celebrated “Southern” foods to mix up my menu was quite enticing.  At the top of my list were biscuits (any jam welcome) and cheddar grits.  I was quickly enlightened to discover that The Triangle is home to an excess of Southern-style restaurants where flakey biscuits and savory grits are only accessories to even more tempting options.  Somehow, I’d completely under-estimated just how good a chicken sandwich could be thanks to a few favorites joints that regularly work their way into our “eating out” rotation.  That being said, Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day, so when friends…

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By: Chelsea Nallenweg
Kids Bowl Free Summer Program

What better way to beat the heat and have a blast than with the Kids Bowl Free Summer Program? Launched in 2007, this incredible initiative has brought joy to more than 35 million kids and their families, providing a fun and affordable way to spend summer days.

The Kids Bowl Free Summer Program is a generous initiative by over 1,500 bowling centers around the world. Each participating center offers two free games of bowling every day for kids throughout the summer (bowling shoe rentals not included). This program is a community-driven effort to offer kids an activity during the summer that’s both enjoyable and affordable. 

Signing up for the program is simple- register online at…

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By: Madeline Cook
Radius Pizzeria

In the heart of charming downtown Hillsborough, sits a rustic, family-friendly pizzeria where pizza is only the beginning!  At Radius Pizzeria, husband-and-wife owners Mick & Kate and their dedicated team treat everyone like a guest in their home.  If you love the idea of ingredients grown right here in North Carolina, it doesn’t get more local than Radius, where most produce for their delicious plates are sourced from counties surrounding Hillsborough.  And believe us, you’ll taste the difference from the very first bite.



Just behind the restaurant, a patio extends with seating options under shady umbrellas and onto a grassy lawn with picnic tables, making a comfy spot for your four-legged friends…

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By: Chelsea Nallenweg
Angel Island Fun Park- Durham, NC

Angel Island Fun Park is the perfect indoor play place in the Triangle to keep your kids entertained and active, especially during these hot summer days! They have two locations, Durham and Cary, and both have similar attractions. The Durham location is newly established and has a few extra features.

The Adventure Zone at Angel Island Fun Park in Durham is a giant soft play area designed for kids ages 1-12. The convenient part about this play area is that it's fully fenced in, with only one way in and out. This secure setup ensures that kids can play freely while parents can easily keep track of them. The entry system requires kids to scan their game cards to get in and turn a turntable…

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By: Chelsea Nallenweg
Cub House Play Cafe- Clayton, NC

Cub House Play Cafe is a brand new indoor play space in Clayton, just a 20 minute drive from Raleigh and conveniently located off Highway 42! This quaint indoor play space opened its doors in April and has quickly become a favorite for families with little ones. 

Cub House Play Cafe is specifically designed with young children in mind, making it the perfect spot for kids aged 6 and under to explore, play, and learn, while parents can sit at the tables surrounding it and enjoy a cup of coffee or baked goods. The play area is a rotating wonderland of engaging toys and activities like a small slide, ride-on cars, an adorable collection of baby dolls, play kitchen, dollhouse, obstacle course…

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Madeline Cook

David’s Dumpling & Noodle Bar

Spring rolls, stir fry and dumplings galore await hungry guests behind the cozy brick entrance which marks David’s Dumpling and Noodle Bar in downtown Raleigh. Having heard about this delightful Asian fusion restaurant where Vietnamese meets Chinese meets Malaysian food a few months back, our only regret is not making this a priority sooner! Needless to say, we won’t let nearly as much time pass before our next visit.



With over 50 years’ experience dating back to his time as the head chef of The Eskimo in Vietnam, Chef David Mao inspires the flavors on full display at the noodle bar. The restaurant employees are incredibly kind, and waiters exhibit impressive knowledge of the wide menu…

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By Madeline Cook


There’s so many special places for delightful dining in Downtown Raleigh, but when is the last time you prioritized dessert over dinner?  All it takes is one visit to Bittersweet cocktail and dessert lounge to have you reimagining all the wonderful possibilities for satisfying your sweet tooth.



Take a seat inside and page through a menu full of beverages and sweets.  Bittersweet is keen on gin with the likes of cocktails such as the “Gin and Jam”, a summery drink served on the rocks with a spoonful of one of seven jam flavors of your choosing as a garnish.  If you’re not a gin fan, not to worry!  Maybe the “Champagne & Gummy Bears” is more your speed, or the alcohol-free “Sun is Shining” with pineapple,…

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By: Chelsea Nallenweg
Knightdale Station Park Splash Pad- Knightdale, NC

Splash pads are now open all around the Triangle and this awesome one at Knightdale Station Park is one to put on the list! Knightdale is 20 minutes east of Raleigh. This 2,000 square foot splash pad is the perfect place for families looking to beat the North Carolina heat and enjoy some outdoor fun. 

The splash pad includes a giant water tower sprinkler, rings to run through, water shooters, and various sprayers to play with. It has something fun for anyone ages 1-13.

One of the awesome features of this splash pad is the fence that surrounds the entire splash pad area ensuring that children can play safely while parents and guardians relax. Inside the fence, there’s…

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